April 15, 2019

I’m a speed demon. I do things super fast. From driving and eating to errands and scheduling- being super type A- I operate on mission and my speed directly correlates to my need to get it done. The only thing I’m slow at is running. Truth. This weekend, T and I took the time to slow down, disconnect from social media and the outside world and reflect. We enjoyed each other and we laughed. I may or may not have wet my pants. I mean it was awesome. We spent all day at the spa- morning till night. So post-facial and massage —we head to meet our girls who were to do our manicures and pedicures and you won’t believe it but Jesus showed up. I met my girl and we immediately hit it off. Our daughters had names that had biblical meaning and we started talking to each other about our faith journey. This sweet girl was coming up to the one year anniversary of her husband having an awful motorcycle accident that has left him in a wheel chair. Despite her tragedy, she was walking faithfully, trusting God intimately and we shared powerful scripture and stories where the Lord touched both of our hearts and we knew He had hand written our time together. When I left, my body and my heart had been renewed. I had slowed. I had steadied and God showed up in a powerful way. I couldn’t help but wander how many of these moments do I miss? In my quest for efficiency, how often do I skimp on grace? In my desire for checking it off, how many God winks do I refuse to see? I know Jesus knows us so well that he constantly shows up in the big ways- but what about the small? I was so thankful for this reminder that God is ever-present in our lives- and if I just take the time to be still, to rest- no matter what- He always shows up too- sometimes in the perfect sunset, sometimes in the rain, sometimes in the laughter of a perfect weekend, but most definitely in the faithful story of my new friend at the spa.

Xoxo, the girls of Charley’s 💗