April 22, 2019

Y’all. Have you been glancing through social media this week? The spring breaks my internet friends are taking have been on fleek (middle school me would be so proud if I used that term right?) I mean parading through Europe, snorkeling with the sharks, parasailing through paradise, and drinking strawberry daiquiris while their kids quietly build award winning sandcastles at their feet. And your Easter pics- my goodness-am I the only one who forgot to give up eating this Lenten season? I hope from my somewhat OVERLY dramatic commentary you can sense my very real truth- looking at life from the top layers of perception can be tricky. I’ve learned that most people are only going to show you what they want you to see and that’s tough for most of us. Because we know the insides can be kind of icky, sometimes complicated and always imperfect. So we scroll and we scroll and we see the happy faces and the glued smiles and the wires get crossed, the messages get mixed and our minds begin to send us the lies that we are being left behind by the abundance of people who have it all together. We start to feel the need to judge, to compare, to critique and the downward spiral of our confidence goes down with it. So as we all start back to reality this week and we get into the groove of the daily grind, my simple prayer for you is this- offer yourself some grace, scroll through your village pics with a sense of gratitude- chances are their kid pooped in their pants just like yours, their vacations probably included a few meltdowns, and their Easter pics were taken 25 times before they found the right one to post. Send some sisters some love this week, offer out some grace - give yourself a compliment and then toss one to a girlfriend. Read His words about you and always remember when the world sends you the wrong message, there is a Messenger with arms open wide, beckoning you to re-center on Him and feel the smooth, cool confidence He provides. Know that being in a village of the Kings Daughters is gift of community, not a guise for competition. We are all sisters and in that light- let us cheer together, rise up side by side, and love with Jesus-inspired intention. Amen.

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