August 19, 2019

It was back to the grind this past week for my little people. It’s an all too familiar setting for me- the butterflies, the consistent fears and anxious thoughts. Not from my children, of course, but from my momma heart. Will they succeed? Will she have friends? Will he adjust? Will she make the team? Will his heart be broken? Will they accept Jesus? Will they follow Him all the days of their lives? Did I teach them well? Did I do enough? It can be a downward spiral in the mind of a momma. It can feel miserably overwhelming and all consuming and inherently, being a concerned momma seems godly, right, even inspired. But I read once a message by a mother who reminded me of this most important truth- our fears offer no realm of protection over our children BUT our prayers do. We must take it back to the basic truths that if you are a believer you ground your life on. While I had been trying to control my babies with my worry, He had been holding their lives in His palm- down to the very second they took their first breathe-giving His angels charge over these children of mine, these children of His. My babies were born to a purpose in His long ago plan way before they were born of my belly and He has protected them ever since. Not one single hour can I add to their lives by my worry, but I can hit my knees and worship a Savior who has ordained it all- who loves them even more than I do. I held my babies for the first time knowing I would never feel love in that way again- it was the ultimate gift- born of my womb or conceived through adoption,fostering, or choice- being a mom can be the hardest job in the world. But being a praying mom makes it just a little bit easier. This year, ladies, lets choose our knees over our sleepless nights and our communing with God over our desire to control Him. They are all so very precious in His sight, surrounded by His hedge of protection and in that- we can fully trust. Amen 🙏




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