August 26, 2019

“That day.” Am I right? We all have one. The day when people ask us how everything changed- maybe it challenged our faith, questioned our worth, doubted God. She died. He left. It ended. Whatever the day was for you- chances are the imprint of the message it left on your heart has been vast and devastating. For me, it was death. At the age of 13- I watched my dad bury his sister and his dad- within 3 weeks of each other- both from cancers that took away so much more than their days. For friends, it’s been divorce. For family, it’s been addiction. For others still, it’s been mental illness. When most of us look back on our lives, there is still “that day,” that one season- where the question is: “where are you God?” It’s tough to believe you are never alone and I don’t even know how to prove that to you other than to tell you that perhaps it’s the abundance of hopelessness that leads to an inkling of hope. Perhaps it’s in the losing our faith in ourselves that we can come to faith in salvation with Christ. “That day” is always left in your memory but God has been in all your memories- they are His, too and He has carried you on your toughest days-you may have experienced the worst of the worst and can’t imagine how a “good” God doesn’t step in- but seek Him sister- find Him in the tiniest of joys and the smallest of laughs and you will see when you come to the other side- He was there- pushing you to see what comes next after “that day”-the eternity of hope and happy; the decades upon decades of laughter and love- the forever and ever with the Father. “That day.” It’s a tough one- but lay the burden of it at the feet of your Jesus. He can carry it on His shoulders, just as He as always carried you. Amen 🙏


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