August 6, 2019

I keep saying things like “next month” or “next year” when it comes to my people experiencing trials and withering some of life’s most difficult circumstances. I’ve said it to my friends in the throws of divorce, my people struggling with difficult kids, those with sick parents or babies, those who ultimately have to bury them. I’ve said it will get better soon to those with financial hardships, lost jobs, broken hearts and relationships. And I always feel helpless when they say that in these times of ultimate sadness and brokenness- their prayers have fallen silent, their cry’s unheard. It always takes me back to the story of Jesus on the boat. This absolutely terrible storm comes up: Think hurricane force winds, thunder, lightening, the works. The disciples in the boat are absolutely terrified. They are freaking out, and in my human mind, rightfully so. I mean they look down, and in this moment- Jesus is asleep. I imagine it’s a peaceful sleep, not even slightly off kilter by the storm that rages around him. Now this may seem outrageous, ridiculous, even down right unkind. BUT who is our Jesus? Jesus wasn’t asleep in the boat during the storm because he didn’t care- he slept because he wasn’t afraid. He knew who is God was and He knew who He was. Fear doesn’t belong in the spirit of those who know Christ because His story is bounded in a love for you that far outweighs your circumstances. Now I know times where I’ve felt God was silent, where I’ve questioned why bad things happen to good people? And it’s in those times, I have to switch my view from this life to the next. While it’s gut wrenching and dark and uncertain and shattered- I look toward the time and the one who has the whole world in His hands. Who I can confidently trust in to weather any storm even when he seems asleep because ultimately, the storm ends, just like the story- with the winds and the rain stopping at the sound of His name. So if Jesus can literally calm the storm, I know I can trust Him with the ones I walk through today. I know I can give him the broken, the shattered, the worst of this life, and He will hold me- unafraid and steadfast-tethered to Him and his love- always.