February 4, 2019

“You’re so fat” “Who could love you” “You’re a terrible mother and wife.” “Why are you so selfish” “How does she do it so well” “Don’t show people who you are- they will hate what they see.” “Why are you such a mess” “Why are you trying- you’ll just fail” I hope as you read those thoughts they make you shudder and swear you would do anything to make the poor girl experiencing these words feel the grace and love of Jesus. I hope you are asking yourself- who is doing this? How can they be so cruel? Let me speak truth into her broken identity. Well, look no further. That girl is me and those words have been mine- a constant stream of Satan’s lies that have gone in and out of my consciousness throughout the seasons of my life. In my heart, I am firm in my roots. I know whose I am and I know He gives me the wings to take flight and believe every truth His death has set free. But in my brain and in my interactions with our culture and community, I am plagued by what I’m told I should be, how I’m told I should act, how I’m told I should look- and the messages get all jumbled. As always though- Christ holds the key. His words are a song to my heart as I continue to play His purposes for me in my soul. Take captive every thought. Every stream in my brain send back to its roots. Water it with His scripture. Watch the blooms become His. It’s something I’ve struggled with as long as I remember and yet, I’ve always found when my thoughts are most rooted in His word, I’m the least likely to fall victim to the lies of the world. Sweet sister, it’s a struggle. We see it blasted on social media the girl who has it all together. The body, the career, the husband, the family. It’s a perfect picture of attainable heaven in a tiny box on your screen. But she still hears those voices. She still runs from those deep dark thoughts. She still falls prey to Satan’s tricks. We all do. So the only thing we can do is arm up. Grab your weapon and prepare for battle. Don’t take one step into the day without first remembering what He says about you. Capture your thoughts and not only can you fight this war of lies, you can win it. I promise I’ll be cheering you right along to the finish line!
The Girls of Charley's