January 23, 2019

I’m the kind of person who gives you the death stare if you come up to the line with 11 things and the sign clearly states ten items or less. You best not think about trying to swerve across the lanes to cut in front of me when a construction sign starts blinking on the highway- and Lord, help you- If the double drive thru lanes merge at Chickfila and you cut in line. In my quest for efficiency and my to do list domination, I lack patience and passion and I’m the last to offer a loving glance or heart felt gesture. I can tell you I love Jesus till I’m blue in the face. I can write about him for hours and my journals would confirm my overwhelming sense of connection and gratitude for my most loving Savior. But, does my life display the same kind of sentiment? Real life- people learn a whole lot more about my God by the way I act than by what I say. They can feel His love and His grace more when I display those characteristics than when I mumble them off in 300 characters or less. How many people have I turned away from God because I was too busy, or too selfish, or too prideful or too scared? How can I claim to love Jesus and yet run away from every chance to be more like him? Teach me, Lord, show me the way. In 2019, let us not be followers who talk, let us be women who do. Do more love, more patience, more sharing and more grace and lets show it all to everyone- from our children and spouses to the gas clerk and the check out cashier. Let’s be more than the people we say we are. Let’s choose Jesus- in more than word, but in deed and practice. Every.single. time. Let’s move mountains with our mustard seed faith and let’s show the world- that living for Jesus, the light of everything, does more than just make us SAY we believe, but truly ACT like we do.
The Girls of Charley’s 💗