July 15, 2019

I’m sure like many of you, We have been inundated with the story of Martha and Mary in the Bible; how the first time Jesus comes to visit- Mary chose the better way of spending her time- she sits at His feet, and soaks up His teaching while Martha is busy tidying the house and prepping the food- doing her gosh darn very best to ensure the evening goes off without a hitch. Oh, how I wish I was a Mary in this situation, but every single time my heart is drawn to Martha. She is a doer, a maker, a worker and she is every bit who I would be. While Mary is commended for her choices, Martha is reprimanded for her complaining. Fast forward to Jesus’s next visit. Mary once again does something selfless at the feet of her God as she soaks his feet in priceless perfumes and wipes them with her hair. And where is Martha? Well, once again she is described as serving BUT this time a different word is used to describe her actions. It’s clear that by Jesus’s next visit- she isn’t focused on her sister, she is focused on her Savior. I come to this passage often because of how it shows God’s perfect purpose for us all. Some of us weren’t made to be Mary’s and some of us weren’t made to be Martha’s. We are all designed with His purpose in mind and each given unique gifts and talents that bring Him glory. He knew mess would make me crazy just like to-do lists make me smile. He knew Taylor would fly by the seat of her pants and roll with the last minute punches and that I would check the plans 100 times. Yet, He formed us in our mother’s womb with these exact characteristics in mind. He knew full well, regardless of our design- each of us could glorify Him in our own perfectly purposeful ways. You can too- whether you are a Mary, a Martha or somewhere in between- God can and will use you just the way you are. In fact, His plan is carried out not in-spite of a world with both Mary and Martha’s but because of them. And that is something this Martha can give thanks for- today and everyday. Amen 🙏