July 9, 2019

It seems to me that Christians, probably more than anyone, should feel deeply compelled and even pulled to live the life Jesus modeled- this perfect mix of prayer, gospel, service, rest. To find big and radical ways to pull out of society’s quest for speed, comparison and competition. That Christians should be more concerned with the saving of souls than the numbers on the scale or the ones in our bank accounts. And yet, as a Christian: I am abundantly guilty of all of this. As a woman, maybe even more so. We find causes to crusade for, meals to prepare, children to frantically mold into Perfection, and to delve out a constant kindness with very little regard or respect for the woman who might whisper: “Help me,” or “I can’t do this.” We swallow our feelings and are told to be easily moved. To be selfless and joyful, always. But if you look at most of us in the mirror- we are tired, really really tired. More frustrated and frazzled by our faith than inspired by it. We are in a world of doers and that’s a good thing but somewhere along the way- we forget that doing for Him can’t be at the expense of BEING with Him. In the beginning: you were created and because you were made by a Creator you have a purpose. And as much as the world tells you it’s to be the best, or the most, or the everything- Jesus made it much simpler. You are a daughter, rooted firmly in the place of His family. You deserve rest and renewal with the Lord so much more than the quick, fast, driven, FOMO culture you were handed. You were made for peace, rest- prayerful rhythms of God breathed love that allows the room for the inhale and the exhale. You have been gifted the time to be in His creation- to watch sunsets and see tides rise and fall; to climb mountains and to count stars. There is beauty in this restful place where you can almost always encounter Jesus in the movements of His created work. So, friends, take some time today, and get off the circle bus. Forget about doing and find a way to experience God- listen to the ways He woos you in a birds song or the way He speaks in the laughter of a child and in those beautiful moments- breathe into your lungs your one true identity- His. 🙏

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