June 11, 2019

I’m not a great cook. I don’t like to do it and I’m definitely a mom who buys the birthday cake, slides the store bought cookies onto a beautiful white platter, and delivers a delicious take out meal after a friend has a baby. I am also a pretend runner. I use the word pretend because I do it, but I look more like a monkey working towards flight than a long legged leaping gazelle. Oh, and I am a phenomenal mom and wife- except when I’m not- like when a kid gets slime stuck in their hair (this week!) or I nag my husband for something he hasn’t done on his to do list despite the amount of work he has on his plate (also this week) My girl, Lysa, writes that as women we often feel more guilty for what we are NOT than thankful for what we ARE #micdrop. Ladies, how often do we get caught up on our supposed shortcomings, only to miss the amazing things God has equipped us with? How can I focus so much on the fact I mess up a jambalaya, but refuse to recognize that the Lord allows me to string my words together with ease? Or that I can’t seem to run under a 9 minute mile, but forget that I can look at someone and immediately style them a wardrobe? I have noticed for myself and my girl tribe that we do this. It’s another lie from Satan that is hidden in our hearts and another trap we have to breakthrough in order to live in the freedom of Christ. So pull out a pen- write down all the areas that you totally stand firm and thankful for who you are, who you were made to be- and release the guilt that clings to the things you are not. I am a terrible cook, a half-runner, a loving mom and wife- who rocks it at writing, picking out clothes and a thousand other things uniquely and divinely given to me that are all just mine. And then, of course, my most important identifier- daughter of the King, child of God. That last little bit is what has made all the difference. So who are you? I promise- you and your distinct gifts are divine and so worth a grateful heart for and to our Lord. In the end, a praise-filled life for what we are is so much more joyful than the guilt that burdens us for what we are not. To Him be the glory. Amen.

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