March 12, 2019

This one time in college, I almost went sky diving. Like legit, drove to the place, took the class to jump tandem, and then rather promptly- chickened out. Skydiving was one of my first attempts at being brave. I have friends who have fought for our freedom on the front lines, people who have gone to dangerous places in the name of Jesus, and close relatives who put away murderers and advocate for the poor and the silenced on a daily basis. I often look at them in awe. What a testament to strength, to courage, to bravery. And it’s so true, these people are absolutely incredible. But where does that leave the rest of us? Recently, I read a short piece with a different spin on bravery and it gave me such a cool perspective of where I am sitting. Sometimes brave is boring. Sometimes brave is picking up toys, bedtime routines and being a monster fighter for a three year old. Sometimes brave is sticking with a partner when it’s really hard- fighting for a friendship that seems one sided- and being less addicted to doing it all and more open to being present in all the little things. Our society is so obsessed with big and perfect and camera ready that we forget there is so much beauty, so much bravery in the everyday mundane that keeps most of our worlds spinning. I’m all about the people in my life who do the big things- who jump the globe in missions, who move cross country to start churches and who motivate us to do great and be great for Jesus. But I’m also really into the people who show up, who fight the tiny races that happen daily in our classrooms and in our homes and in our churches. I think most of us fall into that category of awesomeness and I just hope we take the time to see that as brave. To see the God-ordained ministry it is to keep coming, to keep being present and to choosing to show and share Jesus in the simplest of ways that has this massive, monumental impact on the way we are living. We are all disciples and for me- sometimes that means trying to jump from a plane and other times- it means helping to raise the little people who will change the Kingdom one prayerful day at a time. Either way- it’s all brave. And either way- it all matters.
The Girls of Charley's

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