March 18, 2019

Girls can be mean. Am I right? I certainly don’t think it takes any of us more than half a second to think of a friend, family member, or foe who have doused salt on an open wound, injured with a snide remark, or created an insecurity we didn’t even know we should have. I remember jokes at my expense, prank phone calls done by girls who loved to exclude, and hearts that were broken in the frivolous words thrown out in anger. For me it was weight, for some it was their looks. For one friend it was intelligence- for another it was a regretful past. The list is long; the burdens heavy. Scripture reminds us of the power of words. As a self-proclaimed extrovert, I talk so much more than I listen. It’s such a terrible thing. I know without a doubt I have spoken words that were much more salt without even an ounce of honey in them- mostly without even the purpose of injury. But words are life. Jesus says it all the time. The good book proclaims there powerful purpose often. It is our freedom to use them- will we do it wisely or will we refuse to monitor what slips out? I have a six year old and unfortunately, despite being perfect (in my eyes anyway) has already felt the sting of sour words. And I shudder to think about her world in which social media dictates more words than even those spoken verbally. But I hold tight to the words of Jesus and strive everyday to raise her and to educate myself on words that are the honey. Words that inspire, motivate, encourage and love. There is no doubt there is so much hate and heartache in the world. It’s everywhere and it breaks and bends and falls apart at the hands of words. So why not be a woman who raises a woman who speaks truth, life and hope into others? Why not strive to be people who seek to serve with their mouth and their actions? Who recognize the power in the way they speak and the way they act- and see Jesus-filled, God-breathed words as the only kind that need to be spoken. Well, it’s the kind of girl I’d go all in for and I pray- today, and everyday, you’d do the same. Speak honey, friends. And let your Savior, your sweet Jesus, transform your world, your people and you into the sweetest kind of living.
The Girls of Charley's