March 4, 2019

God’s sovereignty. Is that a tough one for you? Have a tendency to make you sweat? To be honest, it used to get down deep into the depths of who I am and I could quickly get all anxious. Doubtful. Fearful. Why do bad things happen to good people? Why does God intervene in some circumstances and remain silent in others? Why do I have friends who have to fight for their marriages? Moms who bury their babies? Kids who battle addiction, bullying, and suicide in one part of the world and starvation, war and rape in another? If I’m being honest, I used to get really tense when it comes to the ultimate question- can God be both sovereign and good? Can He be for justice when there is so much abuse? Can He be for us-when so often the world seems to be against us? Y’all- these questions would plague me. They could torment and leave me in anguish. Until they didn’t. Until I realized I had a conclusion I had to make. I could either be confident in God’s end game or I couldn’t. We all want to know the why when tragedy strikes and unfortunately- I don’t think we get to know the answer to some things this side of heaven. I don’t think there is a formula for suffering- no explanation- no one answer that fits in the puzzle. I just know God’s character and believing He is who He says He is makes it easier to understand His sovereignty. If He reigns over intent and loss- if nothing escapes His reach or His ability to use- then at its core- suffering allows God to say “I’m bigger than that, stronger than that- and I can use this to make something more beautiful and more precious than you imagine” And it’s in that mess made whole- that God is glorified and people draw close to him. I guess it boils down to this- grief is never tidy, suffering never fits in a box, and tragedy doesn’t follow some exact science. But my God does. God will have it all back one day. Every wrong will be made right, every pain will be healed, every broken and tearful heart will be made anew. So that’s God’s sovereignty to me: Knowing that He put it all in motion and trusting fully that it won’t stop spinning until His perfect story is complete and good always wins! Every.single.time. 🙏
The Girls of Charley's

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