May 20, 2019

I’ve watched the news. I scroll social media. I know miracles happen, right? The prostitute becomes the counselor. The drug addict becomes the pastor. The abused becomes the fighting advocate. It’s beautiful and transformative and for so many of us- we don’t think it can happen to anyone “normal.” I don’t have a life-altering past that can impact lives and move mountains so why would I believe Jesus would do a miracle for me or even in me? But that’s a lie from Satan- certainly not a biblical truth from my Savior. I DO have a past and a present filled with sin and sometimes I need to remember God can work a miracle in my life too. He can change an impatient mother, a snarky wife, a selfish friend, an anxious heart, a guilt-ridden past into a woman of Christ who is none of those things. He can mold and transform and change all of those inklings in my heart that are still rooted in the parts of me I don’t want anyone to see. And He can make my heart one that longs for the obedience that stems from a soul engulfed by grace. Jesus was a miracle worker but He still is. It’s the stories of feeding thousands with a single lunch, walking on water, healing the sick- it’s these stories that solidify my faith- that remind me Jesus is who He says He is. The same reason I flock to the miracles I hear today- the mother whose prayers save the child, the terminal illness that doesn’t kill, the first responder who hears a voice about where to look for the trapped family. Stories that reminds us Jesus still reigns. But those aren’t the only ones. There are miracles, life-altering victories in all of us- ones that happen every single day all around you. A heart broken by grace, a life changed by love, a hope filled by a God who plays an intimate role in all the details. Today, be reminded of those miracles and may your faith be renewed by what He has done. Miracles can and will still happen in your life and I know that- because He continues to perform them in mine. It’s just another way His love for you is like no other; another way His promises are still unmatched. Today and always. Amen.