October 1, 2018

2018 has most definitely been a 
#byefelicia year for me. My family has been challenged. The health of people the closest to me has crumbled. I’ve watched as friends suffered, my husband took on the weight of the world, and I had to introduce the idea of death to my very young children. I took a brief sabbatical from writing with you guys- not because I wasn’t searching for God, but because I had to get lost with Him. Doubt and fear and uncertainty had crept in and I had to dig deep to see where the Lord’s hands were at work. Things can get real blurry when His plans are not my own. I read somewhere that in the valleys of life- in the darkness- when the circumstances around you aren’t good- you can ask yourself- “is this news or is this truth?” The news isn’t good. My husbands parents are sick, my house still isn’t ready, my friends marriages are broken, my village is hurt. BUT that’s not my truth. You see- we have access to a truth that transcends our news. The restoration that is impossible with human limitations is always possible with a limitless God. My girl Lysa at Proverbs 31 ministries- breaks it down for me this way. In the moments of sheer heartbreak- change your view- instead of impossible- see I’M possible. See God. See Jesus. See the great I AM- who knows no bounds and wraps only in love. Y’all: I have had my moments. My poor me’s and my hissy fits. I’ve acted ungrateful and angry. I’m so glad God can handle it all and love me anyway. He sends me these quiet reminders that my life isn’t perfect but He is and He loves me more than I can imagine. A random Thai dinner with friends I’ve known for years. A girlfriend who takes something off my plate every single week. A mom who lets me crawl in her lap in the toughest moments. A dad who covers me in scripture. Kids who hug me just because. A husband who gives and gives and gives and gives. These are the gifts of the I’m Possible. They are surrounding me. They surround you too. So In this #byefelicia year- I’m still choosing joy- one day, one moment at a time. Cause isnt that what it’s all about? Understanding the news, but LIVING the truth.
The Girls of Charley’s

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