October 26, 2018

So Taylor showed me yesterday this post by @my_darling_diary that stopped me in my tracks. She spoke boldly of the stories we tell and the lives we portray. She reminded me that everyday you see our faces, but rarely do you see our hearts. It occurred to me again on Tuesday at the party that many of you think that Taylor and I are “on” 24/7. That we give you all this image of togetherness and this identity that we believe in unattainable perfection - that we could possibly do anything good in our own right. Well, friends - that’s the devils lie. Truth be told - you can find one of us with Cheeto dust on our fingers, the other with chocolate. We rarely are dressed in something other than workout clothes. We yell at our kids and our husbands - sometimes even each other. We hold grudges and lose our temper. We don’t show grace in the same breath that we expect it to be bestowed upon us. We may use filters on our posts and better lighting on our images but don’t be fooled. We struggle. We are cruel to our bodies and judge ourselves in the mirror - too harshly and with half-truths. We value things we shouldn’t and forget where we belong and whose we are. If we make you believe anything other than that we are HIS- imperfect and ONLY fully restored by His grace alone than we do such a disservice to the mission that is @charleysclothing. We fall, we stumble and we rise - but only through His mercy and His unconditional love for us. Please seek His truth about you before you ever seek anyone else’s. We believe this about YOU - You are loved, you are holy, you are beautiful, you are forgiven, you are worthy, and you are His. If we never sell another piece of clothing, if you all unfollow us and forget we ever existed tomorrow - our prayer has always been the same - may you know Him more fully and completely and may we love and grow together in His promises for all of us. We love each of you more than you know and we pray for you daily. May we seek to glorify Him first. As it’s always been written: “More of YOU - Less of me”



The Girls of Charley’s

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