October 9, 2018

I’ve been thinking about friendship a lot lately. My dear friend, Reba, told me about this friendship analogy at the beginning of this difficult year. She reminded me that Jesus, not only had friendships, but He relished and cherished them. Interestingly enough, Those friendships were also limited. As Reba says, “Jesus could put anybody in His boat- and yet He just had the 12.” I think there is a reason for this. The Lord recognizes the important role friends play in our lives and He wanted us to be selective in our choices. SO-my question to you, sweet followers, is who in your boat? I think as women- we sometimes fall victim into believing we come up short- in everything- from motherhood to spirituality; from relationships to work- in every facet of life- it’s so easy to succumb to the lies of Satan. We believe non-truths about ourselves and long to have someone help us walk away from those lies. So in light of this, who is in your life? Who are your village people? Who do you call when it all caves in? These people, these women in your boat, are so foundational to the relationship God has called you too. It’s a direct reflection of His love for us. I hope you recognize the value in that and you show them the love. Just this last week, I had A friend grab my babies for hours so I could unpack boxes, another hold my hand as we prayed over each other in her front yard, and another who sent scripture all week long as an encouragement in the stress of the days. These women are my people. They are the women in my boat. They are my God-given gift that sustains and strengthens and holds. My advice to you- find those people. Be selective about who you let in your heart and when you finally do find them- make sure they know how special they are- how grateful you are to do life together and give thanks to the God who knows us so well- He gave us girlfriends- without which life would be filled without a lot less laughter and a whole lot less fun! Praying for you all and grateful to have you in our cyber village.
The Girls of Charley’s

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