September 10, 2019

My husband is not a social media person. In fact, he hired one of our customers to handle it for him. He recognizes the good it brings and all of its value but he also can’t stand how people walk around with cameras with the sole purpose of posting their lives to people they barely know. I thought about this a lot at Disney this past week- how the cameras came out to capture each moment- some perhaps for the memory- but others to be flaunted across social media. As he always says, “it’s like if people didn’t post it, it didn’t really happen.” I thought about this on the flight home-Our cultures obsession to be in the lime light- to prove our worth through likes and comments, our significance in friend requests and retweets. I couldn’t help but think how this is almost in direct juxtaposition to what the Lord calls us to do. Be humble. Clothe yourselves in humility. Humble yourselves before God. Pride is the opposite of humility and yet we live in a culture where nothing butters our biscuit more than the admiration and supposed importance placed on us by others. And I’m looking in the mirror here, ladies. In Matthew, God actually calls us to do our good in SECRET. To serve, to help, to give without any reference to others opinions. You see: doing good isn’t any less good if I don’t tell someone about it. Serving isn’t any less valuable if I don’t share it on Facebook and giving isn’t any less important if I do it anonymously. I get it. We like the praise- it is so utterly human to want to be recognized- but oh, how it misses the mark. Think about it- can’t we keep serving others even if no one else notices- but simply because Jesus is the only who does?Isn’t there so much goodness in that, so much holy? There is nothing wrong with feeling good about ourselves- you are God’s creation and you are an amazing testament to His beauty- but you are also here for His glory, and that becomes less obvious when the goal is to tell or to post. So let’s regroup, let’s realign. Let’s do good, do big things and do more for our fellow man- only this time: let’s do it in secret- receiving nothing but the assurance of a Father who is well pleased and a heart that is fully known!


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