September 16, 2019

Cardboard flip testimonies are some of my favorite. If you are or have ever been to a big church- you may be familiar with this practice. Where people come up to the stage and by flipping a piece of cardboard from front to back- share how God has changed their lives. I heard of a recent one where a woman got up to flip her poster with her doctor. The messages were simple. The woman- “terminal diagnosis with MS this year- not much time left” on the front of her board. Doctor: “atheist doctor who told her the diagnosis” on the front of his. The doctor flipped over his board: “following her journey, seeing her faith, I am now saved.” The woman then flipped over her board- “worth it.” Powerful stuff, right. We spend so much time focusing on our own lives that I wonder how many of us are living out the part of our faith journey that REQUIRES the sharing of our God? Planting the seed. It’s a simple concept but I believe there is so much power in the simple- “how are you?” The meaningful “how can I help?” The ever important “you are loved.” I don’t think we can ever truly over estimate the power of the cross, the gospel of Jesus- despite the fact we may not always see the fruits of our labor. While I have only ever prayed with a few people as they accepted the Lord, I am certain that Jesus has used countless conversations, numerous prayers whispered in the night and various silent cries from myself and others to insert the light in the darkness and open a heart to the power of His healing mercy. I have always said I want to be so in love with Jesus that I can’t help but share who He is with others. Some days I succeed, many others I fail. But isn’t it a worthy goal? To be so full of gratitude and thanksgiving that your words are filled with His, that your actions become Christlike. You become His tone of voice, his loving touch and His smile in the darkness to those around you who need it most. Abundant grace that plants the seed. That’s the goal. Won’t you help me? I have complete faith we can all sit back and be amazed at the wonders that come if we play the small role He gave each of us in His quest to make sure every heart knows its worth and every soul its value!


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