September 24, 2019

Mother Theresa said- “If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.” Taylor and I took our families for a little beach getaway this weekend. Our kids adore each other, our husbands do even more, and well, T is my sister regardless of our lack in shared genes. We needed to recharge. These transitions have been hard for all of us and the extra hours, lack of sleep and heightened anxiety that comes with change has plagued us both for a few weeks. But the Lord, in all His wisdom, reminded me those days that what we do matters. That in the highs and the lows of life, I have little eyes that are learning and growing from the way I respond and react to my less than perfect days. My kids are best when I am. As much as I would love to be able to offer them Long Beach days and sunsets with s’mores on the regular- that’s not real life. But the times I take to hug them, listen to their stories, or- hold the phone- respond to their 1 million questions- that stuff matters. It tells them they matter- to me and our family- and more importantly- to the Jesus who handpicked us to be a village. I pray every day for the salvation of my people. I worry I’m not doing enough, that my words are failing me, that they won’t understand the gospel. But I hear their laughter, the tickle fights that ensue, the pillow fights and silly dances and pretend games and I’m reminded that my God is in the details. That He loves them and their laughter and their questions even more than I do. As Mother Theresa said, I am asked to love them- as the Bible says- that is the greatest of all- and ultimately the cross of Christ will do the rest. So let’s take a step back this week. Let’s look inside the four walls of our homes and the people who fill them up. Let’s love them as Jesus would, and let’s see the world change- one precious little heart at a time. Amen 🙏


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