September 3, 2019

There is this story in Mark where this woman has been bleeding for over a decade (and all the women said AMEN!?) so she has essentially been abandoned by her people, viewed as unclean and worthless, and has exacerbated all medicinal options to heal her. She hears about this Jesus guy and she literally thinks- this is it- He can make this better. She travels to see him and makes her way through the crowds upon crowds of people to somehow place a hand on his clothes- completely confident that one touch can change her life. In this crowd of plenty, Jesus feels her touch- her faith in Him- and stops to seek her out. He finds her in the crowd as she falls to her knees in gratitude. Immediately, she knows she has been healed. So beautiful, right? I love this woman. She is so utterly relatable to me. Not in her injury but in her abandonment. I don’t care if you’re 9 or 92- all of us ladies have felt the lows of a fallen world. We have all been beat down and lost and broken. We have all felt unworthy, forgotten, and less than. But- if we are lucky- if we can find even an inkling of Faith- we can find this reminder of God’s goodness. Seeking us out in the crowd- intentional in His mission to connect with us, eager to commend our faith and compassionate in His desire to help. This woman in Mark just got it. She knew Jesus was worth the leap. She moved the mountain: her faith moved the mountain. 2000 years later she reminds me I can move the mountains too. I don’t know what your stumbling block is- addiction? Self-worth? Materialism? A past? Guilt? Pride? Whatever it is- He is the answer- and with the faith to seek His touch, His healing power- we can rest soundly in the promise that He will make it better and our faith is the simple step that leaves us in His mercy and in His arms. Amen.


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