September 30, 2019

Go say hi. Pay for that persons coffee. Look him in the eyes and give him a compliment. Tell her you will pray and then stop and do it. I kid you not- in the past week: these have been all God whispers in my heart. I call them God whispers because there is really no other word for them- it’s these tiny nudges in my heart that feel God breathed and spirit driven and I am certain the Lord is calling me to act. I’d like to tell you I’ve always jumped on these moments, that I stop and pay for the coffee and end up seeing God work His story or that a simple compliment, ended with a prayer of salvation. But some weeks- I don’t. I’ve got carpool and cleaning; laundry loads and lists of todos; kids to raise and bills to pay; and all of these apparently matter more than His need of me in those moments. Do you ever do that? Sometimes I can blame it on my schedule, other times on my fear, still others on a selfish heart that cares deeply about rejection and inadequacy. I wonder how many times I’ve missed the mark on planting the seed or given someone the little extra love they needed to feel God is with them. Ultimately, God’s promise is simple, His word to us is full and failure proof. He instructs and we do. The rest is in His hands- His fully and utterly capable hands- after all- Isn’t He the God who hung the moon and the stars? Surely, I should be able to handle a hello or a quick prayer? So this week- a challenge. Let’s listen for the whisper, let’s seek the sheep; let’s love on the lost and let’s be so deeply grateful for a Savior who is so intimately intwined in our story- we can feel His whispers in the very heart He allows to beat. Amen. 🙏💗




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